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South Park Food Bank

To all our amazing volunteers, partners, and community, THANK YOU!!!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive food?

Everyone who is in need of food is eligible to receive food from the South Park Food Bank.

When does the Food Bank distribute food?

Our "Distribution Days" are normally the second Saturday of the month, 9:30am – 11:00am at 501 Main St, Fairplay, CO 80440.
* If you are unable to make to our monthy distriburtion or are experiencing an emergency please call Jane at 719-839-0494.

Note the dates in our Google Calendar:

What if my pet is hungry? Can the Food Bank help?

Yes! Pets need to eat too. When you come on our distribution days you can pick up food for your pet too.

What is a "Pre-Box"?

Due to Covid-19, we have been packing food in boxes, "pre-boxes," for individuals and families to pick up on distribution days. This limits interaction with others to keep everyone safe.

Who organizes the Food Bank?

The leadership of the South Park Food Bank is comprised of our director, our board members, and our awesome volunteers:
Our Director:
     • Jane Newman

Our Board Members:

  • Tina Darrah
  • Mark and Lori Deters
  • Terri Joyner
  • Kenny Shaw
  • Kim Wittbrodt
  • Yvonne Van Baal

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